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Our Food on Your Menu

Our Food on Your Menu

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Our food on your menu

At the Gourmet Vegan Food Company, we go further than just supplying meals for customers to eat in their own homes. We can supply to any food establishment where quality vegan food is required.

We understand that providing quality vegan food to a customer is not always easy. How often have you shuddered when you've been asked if you have a vegan alternative on the menu?

With a huge growth in veganism, there are many more people eating out with friends and families that require a vegan meal. Unless you're a vegan establishment, we understand how hard it can be for you to know what to offer a vegan guest or customer and this is where we step in.

As a vegan company, we know how to create and develop delicious meat-free and dairy-free meals that can stand up against any non-vegan foods on your menu. This means that your vegan guest doesn't have to miss out on a great time when eating out at your establishment or event.

No matter what your business, we can supply quality vegan food on a quantity basis that suits your needs. Even if it’s just one meal, we can do that, so you’ll never have to turn away a paying client, guest or customer. Whether you are a café, small neighbourhood bar, restaurant or maybe a hotel that hosts private and corporate events, we look forward to working with you.