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Buffet Price List

Buffet Price List

Buffet Menu


£8.75 per tray
Each tray holds 5 medium sandwiches cut into 20 standard quarters. Platters can be mixed with your choice of fillings.

Eggless Mayonnaise (Chickpea and Tofu Mayonnaise)
Avocado and Sundried Tomato
Hummus and Roasted Vegetable
Bean and Mushroom Pate with Cucumber
Seitan and Mustard
Marinated Tofu and Salad

Quiches and Tarts

£13 per quiche cut into 8 buffet slices

Roasted Cauliflower and red pepper
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable
Vegan Quiche Lorraine
Caramelised Onion and Black Olive Tart


All Pizzas cut into 16 buffet slices

Margarita £8
Meatless Feast £12
Marinated Artichoke and Red Onion with Capers £11
Pizza Bolognese £12
Classic Vegetable £10

Pastries and Savouries

20 Mini Sausage Rolls £10
20 “Cornish Style” Mini Pasties £20
20 Ratatouille Filled Mini Pasties £20
12 Indian Samosa Filo Parcels £12
20 Moroccan Parcels stuffed with Tofu and Vegetable with Dipping Sauce £20
20 Moroccan Parcels stuffed with Roasted vegetables with Dipping Sauce £16
Tofu and Spinach Plait (Cut to serve 12 people) £16
16 Spanish Tortilla Bites £8
Tofu and Vegetable Satay (8 sticks) £14
20 Crostini topped with Olive Tapenade £10
20 Crostini topped with Butternut Squash and Sage £10

Dips and Pates

Portion size serves 10 people

Classic Hummus £8.50
Moroccan Spiced Hummus £8.50
Caramelised Onion Hummus £9
Moroccan Aubergine Dip £10
Black Olive Tapenade £10
Mexican Bean Dip £9
Mushroom and Bean Pate £9
Puy Lentil Pate £10
Vegan Taramasalata £12
Pitta Breads £3.50
Crudité s £4
Totilla Chips £2.50
Selection of Breads £6.50


Portion size serves 10 people

Coleslaw £9
Mixed bean Salad £8
Simple Salad with Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber with Vinaigrette £7
Rice Salad with Broad Beans and Caramelised Onions £9
German Potato Salad £10
Crunchy Asian Salad with Sesame and Peanut £12
Pasta Salad with Chickpeas and Red Peppers £11
Tofu, Tomato and Basil Salad £14
Mediterranean Salad with Couscous £12

Hot Buffet Foods

Please note: Suitable reheating facilities will be needed for the serving of our prepared hot foods, such as a microwave or hob.
Portion size serves 6 people

Lentil and Bean Chilli £16
Vegan Bolognese £16
Moroccan Vegetable Tagine £14

Indian Curry

Choice of Korma, Madras, Dhansak, Jalfrezi or Vindaloo

Mixed Vegetable £15
Tofu and Vegetable £18
Seitan and Vegetable £20

Thai Curry

Choice of Green, Red, Massaman or Yellow Curry

Mixed vegetable £15
Tofu and Vegetable £18
Seitan and Vegetable £20